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Commercial LED Lighting for Parking Garages and Parking Facilities

Parking Garage


Commercially owned and operated parking garages and parking facilities are prime candidates for LED system upgrades. All to often these spaces have lighting that is utilized 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, utilizing old technology like fluorescent lights, metal halide and halogens. And all too often the areas are dimly lit and unsafe, while costing the owners of these spaces more than what they need to spend because of the inefficiencies of the existing industrial garage lighting systems.

Thankfully, there are many options available to resolved these issues. Parking garage lights can be replaced or retrofitted with the latest high efficiency LED parking garage lighting solutions. All solutions and products can be equipped with motion sensors to further enhance the ability to save money on your lighting bill.

Since there are so many options available, talking to a specialist at MyLEDLightingGuide will certainly help you get to the correct solution quickly. We have the somewhat unique ability to offer many product options, in both replacement and retrofit formats. So we are not particularly biased to sell you one solution over another, where we are biased is we can help you to determine what the best option is for you. 

Here are some of the advantages of LED Parking Garage Lights:

LED High Mast Lights

1. Quick Strike Time: Creating a secure and safe environment is paramount. With LED lights, turning on and off a LED is instantaneous. Dimming them and bringing them to full power is also quick. So being able to turn off a light or partially turn off a light when no one is around will save you money, having the light strike to full power almost instantly will create a safe and secure environment for your customers.

2. Higher Quality of Light: Light sources such as High Pressure Sodium, Low Pressure Sodium, Mercury Vapor and fluorescent lighting offer poorer quality of light than LED. And with higher quality of light comes better appearance for your customers.

3. Saving energy by turning lights off with controls. Unlike Metal Halide fixtures and some fluorescent light technologies, it does make sense to add motion controls to LED lights to be able to turn them on and off in areas where there is little activity. This activity may cycle throughout the day, busy at times and not as busy in other periods. Adding a motion control would allow for these lights to turn on instantly, and then turn off when there is no activity. And the best energy savings is always when a light is turned off.

Commercial Retrofit Solutions

MyLEDLightingGuide can retrofit your existing HID and fluorescent ceiling lights and other garage fixtures. We have options to replace Metal Halide HPS lights from 100W to 1000W. These DLC Premium Retrofitting Kits will maximize the rebates you can get with your utility company. These kits are easy to install, as simple as a bulb and ballast replacement. You will also have to lose the existing fixtures reflector. This is LED, the light is directional and you won't need a reflector.

If your parking garage has fluorescent tubes and your fixtures are in good condition, consider a tube retrofit with our Hybrid LED Tube. This plug and play tube is perfect when you have fluorescent ballasts that are relatively new. Although these tube are not compatible with all existing ballasts, they work with most of the new ballasts. And if you come across a fixture with an older ballast, these tubes will allow you to wire around the ballast and send AC power directly to the tube, either as Single Ended Powered or Double Ended Power.

New Commercial Parking Light Fixture Solutions

One of the best options to replace your existing lights in your parking garage is our linear vaportite fixtures. These fixtures are perfect for the garage environment, great distribution patterns, and water proof when you need to wash down your parking structure. Distribution is maximized from being a linear fixture. DLC Qualified (like all the options listed in this section) to maximize rebates from your utility company.

Fluorescent Troffers: Fluorescent troffers are typically found in grid type ceilings, and they typically contains 2 to 4 fluorescent tubes. Most tubes are either T8, T10 or T12, although some newer T5 tubes could be in play at some facilities. There are two distinct options that are available, replace the fixture or replace the tubes. The tube option tends to be more economical, and with the advent of plug and play led tubes, converting over to LED is as simple as removing the old fluorescent tube and replacing it with the LED tube.

Vapor Proof Linear Fixtures: These fixtures appear in hallways and stairwells, and are long linear fixtures typically contains fluorescent tubes. They are sometimes called vandal proof fixtures, because their lenses are somewhat indestructible. In the world of LED, there are similar type fixture, called LED Vapor Tight, that allows for great general lighting and is also available with a vandal proof lens

Canopy Lights: Canopy lights can be found in hallways, stairwells, loading docks and parking garages. They tend to be smaller in size, square and round, and can hold up to a 400W Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium bulb. Our LED Solution is two fold, retrofit or new LED Canopy Lighting Products. You would want to consider replacing the fixture if your existing fixtures are old, rusted or have yellowed lenses.

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