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Commercial LED Office Lighting Fixtures

Office Lighting Fixtures


Office buildings are essentially tube farms. Floor after floor of fluorescent tubes inside troffers. There are many problems with this type of environment, including the following...

Keep in mind that all of these can be solved with LED ceiling fixtures for commercial uses and environments!

1. Fluorescent tubes flicker. The older the tube gets the more likely it will flicker. And flicker causes eye strain and headaches. This type of lighting negatively affects your workforce.

2. Fluorescent tubes contain mercury. Yes, small amounts, but you need to dispose of it in an environmentally safe manner. And this adds to cost of disposing them. Secondly, imagine the problem you will have if a tube breaks in one of your occupied office areas.

3. Short life - and ballasts. Talk to any facility manager or office manager. Replacing fluorescent tubes is always someones full time job. Plus take into account the light levels over different areas are not always what the employees want. So secondarily, they become light management consultants.

As you can tell, all of these negatives make for a bad office environment. That is why it's paramount to install quality commercial office lighting fixtures to avoid these negatives other technologies bring. On top all that, here are some of the advantages of converting over to office LED lighting:

1. No Flicker: LEDs (most of them) run on DC Power. LED Drivers convert power to DC. AC Power creates flicker because of the alternating power source.  By installing led office ceiling light fixtures in your office building you will prevent any flickering from ever occurring since LED will never flicker even near the end of its lifespan.

2. No Mercury: LED Lights are RoHS compliant, and do not contain mercury. This means they are safe to use and safe to dispose of as well. We always recommend that you recycle, there's a lot of good product in a LED bulb or fixture that can be re-used.

3. Higher Quality of Light: Light sources such as fluorescent lighting offer poorer quality of light than LED office ceiling lights (and all LED technology). And with higher quality of light comes better, more inviting work environment.

4. Saving energy by turning lights off with controls. Unlike some fluorescent light technologies, it may make sense to add motion controls to LED lights to be able to turn them on and off in areas where there is little activity. This activity may cycle throughout the day, busy at times and not as busy in other periods. Adding a motion control would allow for these lights to turn on instantly, and then turn off when there is no activity. And the best energy savings is always when a light is turned off, so everyone remember to turn off your LED office lighting fixtures if they aren't in use!

Common Office Lighting Needs

There are just a few office lighting needs that you will encounter as an office manager or owner. All of which consist of the following:

Work Area Lighting

This is probably the most important lighting you need to get right. This is where majority of people will be working throughout the day, and bad lighting can reduce productivity and increase work related stress.

Hallway Lighting

These areas are often connecting work spaces to other work spaces or private offices and are still important. Commercial hallway lighting is typically the same as anywhere else in a office building; so matching LED technology will fit perfectly all throughout your building.

Outdoor Lighting

Your parking lot, your entrances, and anywhere else you need lighting outside your office is still important for both security and safety reasons. Keep your employees safe by installing a good lighting system that will deter any crime in your lot.

Retrofit Solutions For The Office

MyLEDLightingGuide can retrofit your existing fluorescent office lighting fixtures in both your work area and hallways with DLC Qualified LED Tube Fixtures. And we can offer all 4 tubes of tubes, Type "A" Plug and Play, Type "B" internal driver tubes, Type "C" external driver tubes and our Hybrid LED Tube that is a combination of Type "A" and Type "B". Within Type B tubes, you have a choice of Single Ended Powered Tubes (SEP) or Double Ended Powered Tubes (DEP)

We have also discovered that there are opportunities to de-lamp in an office environment. For example, if you currently have a 4 lamp fixture, you may find that you only need 2 LED Tubes to replace 4. If this is a scenario that works for you, then the energy savings multiply. Here at the office of MyLEDLightingGuide, we did just that. Replaced 4 fluorescent tubes with 2 LED Tubes. Our energy consumption went from 144W per fixture to 36W. And we have all the light we need.

Fluorescent Troffers: Fluorescent troffers are typically found in grid type office ceiling lighting, and they typically contains 2 to 4 fluorescent tubes. Most tubes are either T8, T10 or T12, although some newer T5 tubes could be in play at some facilities. There are two distinct options that are available, replace the fixture or replace the tubes. The tube option tends to be more economical, and with the advent of plug and play led tubes, converting over to LED is as simple as removing the old fluorescent tube and replacing it with the LED tube.

Vapor Proof Linear Fixtures: These fixtures appear in hallways and stairwells, and are long linear fixtures typically contains fluorescent tubes. They are sometimes called vandal proof fixtures, because their lenses are somewhat indestructible. In the world of LED, there are similar type fixture, called LED Vapor Tight, that allows for great general lighting and is also available with a vandal proof lens.


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