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LED Applications

If you have a specific application you need help with, feel free to contact us and talk to one of our lighting experts. We will provide you with the best possible advice we can.

Correctional Facilities and Prisons


Correction Facilities and Prisons contain a variety of indoor and outdoor lights, all of which are a candidate to upgrade to LED Lighting. Besides the obvious energy savings and longer life and therefore less maintenance, LED Prison Lighting offer other benefits such as reduced maintenance costs, quick strike time, emergency battery backup packs to ensure there is always light even when the electricity gets turned off. And because LED is instant on/instant off, they reach full intensity right away unlike Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium that require 30 minutes to cycle through.

Click here to read more about LED Lighting for Correctional Facilities and Prisons

Hospitals and Health Institutions


Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities employ a variety of indoor and outdoor lights, all of which are candidates to upgrade to LED Lighting. Besides the obvious energy savings and longer life and therefore less maintenance, LED Lights in Healthcare Facilities offer other benefits. Unlike fluorescent lighting, LED Lights do not flicker. Hospital workers who work long shifts working under fluorescent lighting can suffer from headaches and eye strain. And the even more obvious benefit - removing sources of Mercury from you health care facility.

Click Here to Learn More about how to retrofit your existing lighting in your health care facility over to LED

Office Space


Offices are essentially "tube farms". Floors and floors of fluorescent tubes that can easily be converted over to LED. And with the conversion comes better lighting, brighter lighting, energy reduction and reduce cost of maintenance. Complete fixture replacement or retrofit out the fluorescent tubes with LED Tubes. It's fast, simple and easy to do.

Click Here to Learn More about how to retrofit your existing lighting in your office over to LED

Schools and Educational Facilities


Schools and Educational Facilities can certainly benefit from all the features that converting over to LED Lights. Improved light levels, better working environment for staff and students, creating a safer environment by removing fluorescent tubes (and the mercury contained within). Children do better in school when the conditions are optimal. Fluorescent lights strobing are difficult for children with learning disorders and attention disorders. LED Lights do not strobe, the provide a non-distracting high quality light to work and learn under. And removing mercury and other harmful products from a school is also a major benefit when you convert to LED Light

Click Here to Learn More about converting your school over to LED Lighting

Gym Lighting


There are many ways to improve your gym lighting. Converting over from Metal Halide or Fluorescent lighting to LED couldn't be easier and more cost effective. Reducing your energy consumption by 50-90% while increasing the quantity and quality of light is the "no-brainer" upgrade. And with DLC Qualified Product, rebates allow this conversion to be cost effective for budget minded schools.

Click Here to Learn More about converting your gym lighting over to LED Lighting

Tennis Court Lighting


Tennis courts can be both indoors or outdoors. Indoor lighting can be replaced or retrofitted. Outdoors, new fixtures such as sports lights, flood lights and even retrofit kits allow you to convert from older HID technology to LED. If your looking for a quote, guidance or help in converting your tennis courts, indoors or outdoors, over to LED, do not hesitate to call us.

Click Here to Learn More about converting your tennis court lighting over to LED Lighting

Hockey Rink Lighting


Converting over Ice Hockey Rinks makes sense for facilities that are high use and currently have metal halide or fluorescent lights installed. Better lighting and significant savings equals a perfect marriage of savings and light quality. MyLEDLightingGuide has finished many ice hockey rink projects, so call our experts and we will assist you in helping you convert over to LED.

Click Here to Learn More about converting your ice hockey rink lighting over to LED Lighting

Car Dealership Lighting

parking lot lighting

Car Dealerships are special environments where the quality of light needs to be high to help display the cars in the best possible light. High CRI lighting provides great quality of light, and LED is able to provide high quality of light inside and out. And - allowing you to save money with lower energy costs by using a significant less amount of electricity.

To learn more how LED can help you save money in your Car Dealership, Click Here.

Parking Lot Lighting

parking lot lighting

Parking Lots are wide open spaces are perfect for conversion to LED. We have both retrofit and fixture replacement solutions, and can easily replace everything you have from 100W to 1500W Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium. Whether you want to use your existing fixtures or need to replace them, we have the options and optics to meet your needs and make sure your area is bright, inviting, safe and saving you money.

To learn more how LED can help you save money in your Parking Lot, Click Here.

Parking Garages

parking garages

Parking Garages and Parking Facilities are prime candidates for LED upgrades. All to often these spaces have lighting that is utilized 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, utilizing old technology like fluorescent lights, metal halide and halogens. With LED Lights, creating a safer, brighter environment is easily accomplished, while reducing energy consumption is easy and can be enhanced by adding motion sensors with on/off or bi-level dimming. In some instances with the proper set up, energy consumption can be reduced by 80% or more.

To learn more how LED can help you save money in your Parking Garage, Click Here.

Ports and Shipping Ports

port lighting

Ports and Container Ship Facilities use large poles of multiple high power HID lights to provide general flood lighting through out the facility. The problem is that traditional light sources, such as High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide, while bright when brand new, tends to suffer from lumen degradation in a relatively short time. And with lights mounted 80 to 120 ft high, replacing light bulbs is not a trivial task. MyLEDLightingGuide can replace or retrofit your existing Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium Light with as much as 100,000+ lumens of directed LED Light, more than you will ever need to replace a 1000W Metal Halide Light.

Click Here to Learn More about Converting your Port over to LED Lights.



Warehouses  are large open spaces of Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium or Fluorescent Tubes, or rows of shelves filled with products and items. And as LED becomes more efficient, the economics of converting your warehouse over to LED becomes a discussion of "What are you waiting for". Whether you have open space, aisles, high ceilings, the need for controls, or just want to reduce your utility bill or maintenance costs, we can help you.

Click here to learn about LED Warehouse Lighting



Factories can are large open spaces of Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium High Bays or Fluorescent Tubes.

Factories can also be dirty environment with other issues such as high ambient temperatures. Sealed high bays that can be washed down are available offering years of maintenance free use.

Click here to learn more about LED Factory Lighting

Refinery Lighting

Refinery Lighting

Refineries are dangerous environments. Safety is paramount. All too often we drive by a refinery at night and see the glow of high pressure sodium lighting. High Pressure Sodium is a light of low CRI and runs around 2700K. It is a terrible light source for an environment where safety is important. If there was ever an application for a better, safer light source, LED is the best option.Looking for explosion proof lighting, MyLEDLightingGuide has UL Listed Class 1 Div 2 Explosion Proof lights at a great price. We understand what others sell their explosion proof lights for, and we urge you to call us before you purchase. You will be pleasantly surprised with our pricing

Click Here to Learn More About LED Lighting for your Refinery.

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Food Processing

Grocery Stores are aisles and aisles of food stacked 7 feet high, with lighting above each row, typically either fluorescent tubes or high bay fixtures with Metal Halide bulbs. It is imperative the food and packing look its best. That is why LED lighting makes so much sense. High CRI LED retrofit bulbs or new LED Fixtures will create a better shopping experience for your customers and save you $'s each month. And with margins in the grocery store being low, every dollar saved is a dollar in profit for you

Click Here to Learn More About LED Lighting for Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Airport Hangar and Tarmac Lighting

Food Processing

Airports have high power lighting needs, both inside and out. Whether you need to convert over your high mast lights or interior hangar lights, we have the product and lumens to meet your needs. We can easily replace up to 1500W Metal Halide, and can provide new fixtures or all the components to retrofit your existing fixtures.

Click Here to Learn More About LED Lighting for Airports

Church Lighting

Food Processing

Churches have large parking lots, and typically are lit with 400W Metal Halide bulbs. We can provide either a retrofit kit or supply a new fixture that will allow you to save 75% or more on your current lighting bills when you convert over to LED

Click Here to Learn More About LED Lighting for Churches

Mall Lighting

Food Processing

Malls have huge buildings, halls, cafeterias, and parking lots that need lighting. More importantly, they have a lot of vistitors, all of which need to have a great experience. With LEDs, malls can realize huge savings, increased lighting lifespan, and overall better visitor experiences.

Click Here to Learn More About LED Lighting for Malls

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