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LED HighBay   
LED High Bays: Replace up to 1000W Metal Halide or HPS

LED High Bays have come a long way over the past 5 years. Higher lumen/watt configurations and low cost of production has made these an extremely attractive and cost effective replacement to old style energy hungry high bays.

Our best advice is to select a high bay fixture based on lumen production and not watts. Lumens per watt is always changing in the LED world. We find that 17,000-23,000 lumens is a good range to replace 400W HID and 50,000-55,000 lumens does a great job replacing 1000W HID.

We have been in the high bay business so long, we know what works and what doesn't. We have a large selection of LED fixtures and options to help you convert over and create a safe, bright and energy saving environment.

How can we help you?

  1. We can run a photometric for you so you can 'see' how much light the LED Highbay will produce before every having to commit to purchasing or sampling. We just need to find out a bit more about your environment - dimensions (height, width, length, mounting height, reflectivity of building are are there tall stuctures like machines or shelving in the way)
  2. New or retrofit - we can do both
  3. Rebates - many of our lights are DLC listed and we can assist you in obtaining rebates for your project
  4. Controls - we can give you options on dimming, motion sensors and bi-level light levels.


Warehouse and Factories are switching to LED High Bays for 4 main reasons.

1. Reduce their utility bills.

LED High Bays uses significantly less energy than a Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium High Bays. Typical energy reduction is 50% or greater. Yet, we typically see both an increase in light levels and increase in the quality of light. There are numerous reasons for this:

 * higher CRI or quality of light index, so the light produced is higher quality. The general rule, you need less quantity if you have higher quality

 * directionality of light: LEDs are directional, so if you design a fixture to shine all the light down, that is where it is going. If you think about a Metal Halide bulb, the light is going everywhere (omni-directional), so you have to rely on reflectors to get the light to the ground. Any time you have to use a reflector to gather and focus light, you lose effective lumens

 * longer lumen maintenance. Our customer have told us that many HID and fluorescent products start bright and dim quickly. So while the initial lumens of some of these products seem amazing, it does not appear that all of them have staying power.

2. Reduced maintenance costs.

Many high bay and fluorescent fixtures in warehouses and factories are installed at heights exceeding 30 feet or more. Top that with the fact that is not always practical to change a bulb in the middle of a work shift. The cost of personnel plus the cost of the lost floor time productions makes Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium and fluorescent bulb and ballast replacement expensive. With exceptionally long life and extremely high L70 lifetimes, it is not unreasonable for one to get 10+ years out of a LED High Bay with little if any maintenance.

Some of our High Bays have rated L70 hours of 200,000. For factory and warehouse owners, this means years of maintenance free operation. During that same period, HID and fluorescent bulbs will have gone through many bulb and ballast replacements. That means additional bulb, ballast, labor and disposal costs.

3. Durability in Extreme Environments.

 Some factory environments have harsh conditions (such as vibration) that may cause Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium bulbs to prematurely fail. LED's, on the other hand, are solid state electronic light devices that are not affected by vibration or shaking. Among the list of reasons why our customers want to convert to LED, durability makes our top 5 list.

4. Introduction of Smart Controls.

By adding Smart Controls such as motion sensors, bi-level controls or a complete wireless control system, cost saving can be dramatically increased. A general rule of thumb is that controls can save you an additional 50% over and above what the LEDs are saving you. And unlike other technologies that see shortened life spans with turning on and off the fixture with motion sensors, our High Bays are not affected by motion sensors and constant on-off cycling. By nature of its design, you would not want to dim or add a motion sensor to a HID light, where it is practical to want and do both with a LED light.

Think about that. The possibility to reduce your lighting bill by 70% is now a reality with the use of LEDs and Smart controls.

LED High Bay Retrofit

LED High Bay Replacement Project - replacing 1000W Mercury Vapor (right side) with our 485W 4 Module HO LED High Bay (left side)

 HID to LED Replacement Chart

- 10,000 to 13,000 lumens to replace 250W HID *

- 13,000 - 23,000 lumens to replace 400W HID *

- 40,000 - 65,000 lumens to replace 1000W HID *

* Please note: only proper photometric design in your facility will determine what light, wattage and optics are best suited for your facility. Other factors such as reflectivity also help in determining your lighting requirements.


Made in the USA LED High Bays

We carry a full line of Made in the USA Made LED High Bays, from 68-888W producing as much as 70,000+ lumens. LED High Bays can be equipped with100-277V or 347-480V drivers. These High Bays are much more than simple LED devices; they include smart drivers that protect themselves against adverse conditions and problems. Programmed for over voltage, under voltage, brown out, overheating and soft starts help ensure your LED fixtures run for the projected life they were designed for. Backed with an OEM 5 year warranty, these High Bays are UL, ETL or CSA Listed (for safety) and DesignLights Consortium Listed (for performance) and are available with custom optics to ensure the light is delivered where you need it.

 Optics: The Ability to Focus Light

Optics allow us to take the light generated by LED and narrow down (or widen) the beam. Over certain mounting heights, optics are advisable to help focus the lumens to where it is needed. With optics, we can design a solution to meet or exceed your existing lighting while reducing your energy consumption.

150W Highbay Photometric Example

LED Photometic


Product Comparison
Model Watts CRI Lumens Replaces Life Hours Voltage Warranty USA UL cUL ETL cETL CSA TUV DLC Eligible for Rebates EnergyStar
LED High Bay Wash Down - IP65 100-200 73 11,000-22,000 250-400W HID 100,000 100-277 5
LED High Bay Low Profile High Temp 60-360 > 80 7,680-46,080 up to 1000W HID 100,000 100-277 VAC 10
USA Made LED High Bay 23" 80-400 > 80 10,160-50,800 up to 1000W HID 100,000 100-277 VAC | 480 VAC 10
Decorative LED High Bay 40-120 > 80 5,080-15,240 up to 400W HID 100,000 100-277 VAC 10
LED Linear HighBay 120-300 > 80 15360-38400 up to 1000W HID 100,000 100-277 VAC 10
LED Linear HighPerformance HighBay 120-300 > 80 15360-38400 up to 1000W HID 100,000 100-277 VAC 10
DLC LED Acrylic High Bay 100-200 > 80 10,020 - 20,700 250-400W HID 70,000 100-277 VAC 6
DLC LED Aluminum Reflector High Bay 100-200 > 80 10,020 - 20,700 250-400W HID 70,000 100-277 VAC 6
IP65 LED Aluminum Reflector High Bay 150-463 > 80 14,100-41,500 250-400W HID 70,000 100-277 VAC 6
LED Low Profile High Bay 47-258 80 6,817-40,140 175W-750W HID up to 200,000 100-277 | 347 480 VAC 5
LED High Bay Low Profile Aisle Lighter 60W-341W 75 5,945-36,290 175W-750W HID up to 200,000 100-277 5
LED High Bay 1000W HID Replacement 570 70 60000 1000W+ HID up to 200,000 (L70) 100-277 5
LED High Bay Wash Down 120-242 70 11,400-22,300 250-400W HID 100,000 100-277 5
LED Canopy Light - Modular 40-200 70 4160-17800 100W-450W HID 70,000 100-277 5
LED High Bay Retrofit 150 - 180 70+ 19,500 - 23,400 up to 400W HID 100,000 100-277 VAC External Driver 5
LED High Bay Low Profile Circular 150 - 180 70+ 19,500 - 23,400 up to 400W HID 100,000 100-277 | 480 VAC 5
LED High Bay - Modular Bar 86-295 70 9300-33100 up tp 750W HID up to 222,000 at 25C 120-277 5
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