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LED Lighting for Food Processing - Food Grade Lighting Systems

Food Processing Food Processors need to be clean environments, including your food processing lighting fixtures. Cleanliness is paramount. And so everything in a food processing plant must be washed down and cleaned. This ensures that no contaminants get into the food supply of the nation. With that, the lights installed in a food processing facility need to be able to withstand streams of water from a high pressure wash. So having lighting systems that are water tight and water rated is extremely important in a plant that processed food. However, food grade lighting systems, other benefits become apparent...

1. Higher Quality of Light: Our food grade LED lights are better sources of light for two reasons. First, the quality of light, measured as CRI, or Color Rendering Index is typically higher most if not all the times than the traditional light sources they replace. LED's CRI starts at 70 on a scale of 0-100.  The proper lighting for food processing is paramount when it comes to quality assurance and consistency in a food processing plant environment. With high quality of light produced from LEDs, you can ensure quality and consistency in your production line.

2. Safer and Better Work Environment: Being able to see and inspect food is important, and having a high quality light source aids in that process. And providing better light creates a better and safer work environment for the workers as well. Food safe LED lights create a safer work environment all while protecting the integrity of your food products.

3. Save Energy and Save Money: A typical 400W Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium fixture uses approximately 75% more power than if used a LED Light source. This is real $'s that you are overspending, month after month. The majority of our LED lights are DLC Qualified and eligible for rebates. All our lights are UL or ETL listed for safety. All our DLC lights come with either a 5 or 10 year warranty. Many utility companies offer rebates for DLC Qualified or Energy Star certified products, saving even more money.

4. IP Rated Washdown Fixtures:  In a food processing environment, it is important to be able to wash down the environment including the lighting fixtures. This means that the lights must be able to withstand jets of water which will require sealing lighting fixtures to get it done right. The standard for this is call IP, and it is a series of 2 digits. The first digit represents the fixtures ability to keep dust from entering the fixture, the second digit represents the fixtures ability to keep water out of the fixture. An IP rating of 65 or greater is recommended and often times will be acceptable for your food processing lighting requirements within your facility.

Indoor LED Lights for Food Processor

Refinery LightingFood grade indoor lights are almost always water proof and need to comply with strict standards. Our LED lights for this environment are at least IP65 rated, some as high as IP67. We also offer a line of vapor tight products that also ensure that harsh environments don't become hazardous environments because of lighting

Lights you find indoors at a Food Processor

High Bays:  We carry a full line if IP65+ rated Industrial LED High Bays that can be washed down and provide an amazing amount of light. UL Listed, and DLC Standard and DLC Premium Listed options, these lights will provide years of maintenance free operation while providing high quality light to your work environment.

Vapor Proof Linear Food Grade Fixtures: These fixtures are long linear fixtures designed to replace existing vapor tight fluorescent fixtures in your factory. These fixtures are all UL listed, DLC Qualified and carry a 5 year warranty. Check out our lineup of Food Grade Vapor Tight LEDs.

 Outdoor LED Lights for Food Processor

Outdoor lights typically consist of parking lot lights as well as flood lights and wall packs. They typically are metal halide or high pressure sodium lights ranging from as low as 100 Watts all the way to 1000 Watts. As with all conversions to LED, you can choose to either replace or retrofit the existing fixtures. The benefits of converting are many - reduced energy consumption, reduced maintenance, brighter outdoor areas as well as a safer environment. Many of the lights, replacement or retrofit, are DLC and DLC Premium Qualified so they are eligible for utility rebates, making the conversion process easier on the pocketbook and reducing the payback periods, sometimes significantly.

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