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Industrial LED Prison Lighting and Correctional LED Lighting

Outdoor Prison Lighting

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Correction Facilities and Prisons contain a variety of indoor and outdoor lights, all of which are a candidate to upgrade to LED technology. Besides the obvious energy savings and longer life and therefore less maintenance, LED Prison Systems offer other benefits:

 1. Quick Strike Time: Security and maintaining security in prisons is paramount. With older technologies, such as Metal Halide, HPS, Mercury Vapor and Low Pressure Sodium, having a light go out is not ideal because of the long time it takes for those lights to turn back on which is an obvious disaster in prison and correctional facility environments. With prison approved light fixtures, it's instant on and instant off, therefore, security is maintained by ever present light. This makes LED light in prison systems a highly valuable asset when it comes to security at your detention center.

2. Higher Quality of Light: Light sources such as High Pressure Sodium, Low Pressure Sodium, Mercury Vapor and even Metal Halide offer poorer quality of light than does LED. While it is true advancements in Metal Halide allows for some bulbs to be offered at higher Color Rendering Index (CRI) values, the other bulb types are notoriously poor at producing high quality light. And this equates to lower safety for your correctional facility, whereas with proper LED correctional facility lighting fixtures; you will realize greater safety through high quality light output.

3. Flickering in Fluorescent Light Sources: Fluorescent lights are notorious for flickering. Although it is not always evident, these lights flicker 60X per second. This results in eye strain, headaches and irritability. LED Light sources do not flicker. The run off a DC light source that constantly keeps the light source on. Therefore, the environment under a LED light is a more calming environment. Studies have shown that people working under fluorescent light sources can be more irritated. The same would apply in a correctional facility, better light source that does not flicker would provide an improved living environment.

4. Saving energy by turning jail lights off with controls. Unlike lights like Metal Halide and HPS, it does make sense to add motion controls to prison LEDs to be able to turn them on and off in areas where there is little activity. This activity may cycle throughout the day, busy at times and not as busy in other periods. Adding a motion control would allow for these prison lights to turn on instantly, and then turn off when there is no activity. And the best energy savings is always when a light is turned off. Having lights that can turn off when no one is around but turn on to full power instantly saves money but does not jeopardize safety.

The State of Oregon has been converting over its prisons to LED products. In it's sustainability report they mention "As part of the “Go Oregon” stimulus project, T8 and T12 lamps and lamp ballasts in various DOC facilities were replaced with new LED lamps.  These LED lamps use less power and are expected to last 10 years.  This will result in energy savings of more than $100,000 annually". To read the entire report, go to

Outdoor LED Prison and Correctional Facility Lighting

Outdoor Prison LightingOutdoor Lighting in prisons and correctional facilities is paramount to ensure the areas in and around the prison are lit up. Typically, the lights outdoors consist of flood lights, area lights such as shoe boxes, wall packs and street lights. Most tend to be old lighting sources, such as Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium. Most lights tend to be either 250W, 400W or 1000W.

There are 2 options when it comes to converting over to LED. You can retrofit your existing correctional lighting fixtures or you can replace your existing fixture. There are some basic questions you should ask yourself when trying to decide whether to replace or retrofit. Generally speaking, retrofitting is far more cost effective than replacing. Retrofitting allows you to re-use your investment in your existing detention center fixtures. The retrofit kits themselves are ETL Listed and DLC Premium Qualified, They are safe and eligible for the highest rebates available from your utility company (rebates are supplied by your utility company. They are not always available, contact us and we can help you find all available rebates).

Our retrofit kits are built to last and are backed with a 10 year warranty. So in terms of reliability, there is no reason to choose a new fixture over a retrofit solution because your investment in either will not be shortened by shorter life cycle of the retrofit.

If your detention lighting fixtures are old, failing or leaking water, then it does makes sense to replace your existing fixtures, retrofit kits require a dry environment, installing them into a fixture that leaks or has yellowed lenses does not make sense.

Retrofit kits install in most (but not all) existing fixtures. There are always exceptions. Low pressure sodium fixtures can present a problem due to the nature and physical characteristics of those bulbs.

"ALWAYS READY" Prison Lighting

"Always Ready" LED prison lighting is a product that MyLEDLightingGuide has developed to provide light for up to 90 minutes when power is turned off or fails. We have a series of wall packs, floods and area lights designed to replace up to 400W MH or HPS that contains our "Always Ready" Technology. We also have a series of inside lights that can contains the same technology. This will ensure that the facility does not go completely dark when the power goes off. We all know the long on/off strike times with HID Lights. With our lights, the lights will remain on when the power goes out and then switch back to normal mode when the generator or normal power turns on. Contact us to know more about our Always Ready LED Lights.

Lights you find outdoors in a Correctional Facility

High Mast Lights: Pole mounted security lighting, up to 150 ft in the air, High Mast Lights provide security lighting over a large area. They tend to be 6 to 12 lights per pole, all pointing downwards. You have 2 good options if you want to go LED, LED High Masts or LED Retrofitting Kits. Both can replace up to 1000W Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium easily.

Area Lights: These lights are also pole mounted security lights, but the poles are typically shorter, only up to 40 ft tall at most. You see this type of light in many parking lots. They are typically 400W or 1000W bulbs in each fixture, and are typically either metal halide or high pressure sodium. You can either replace the fixture with a brand new LED Shoe Box or LED Flood light, or like the High Mast Light, you can retrofit the fixture with a LED Head and Driver.

Wall Packs: Mounted on the walls of the prison, wall packs also provide area lighting and location specific flood lighting. They tend to be smaller lights, typically no more than 400W and are either Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium. Because of the UV light in these types of lights, the lenses tend to yellow, making them hard to retrofit. If you can, the retrofit kit solution is a good option. If the fixtures need to be replaced, you can choose a LED Wall Pack.

Street Light:  Also called Cobra Heads, these lights are what you find on the streets of a residential neighborhood. They can be found in the general population yards or in the parking area on the outside of the prison. They typically tend to be small wattage bulbs, typically under 400W. The most common of street lights are between 70W and 100W, and can be metal halide or high pressure sodium. With these lights, you can retrofit them with a LED Kit or replace then with a new LED Street Light.

Indoor LED Lights for Prisons and Correctional Facilities

Indoor Prison Lighting Indoor Lighting in prisons and correctional facilities typically exists of fluorescent and different types of HID lights. Fluorescent lights are prone to flickering and creating an uncomfortable environment. Eye strain and headaches are not uncommon under these types of lights. MH and HPS bulbs, although bright when new, suffer from lumen degradation within 6 months of use. And once again, because of the long strike times of HID lighting, being able to turn on a light quickly is paramount to safety and security. By implementing LED products into your interior design including hallways, staff rooms, inmate prison cells, cafeteria room, and basically any room where both staff and inmates will be.




Lights you find indoors in a Correctional Facility

High Bay Lights / Low Bay Lights: High Bay Lights are found in numerous locations throughout the prison or correctional facility. It could be in the gym area, cafeteria, open cell blocks, hallways and work shop facilities. Most high bays are 250W (low ceiling areas), 400W or 1000W. They tend to be either Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium. Sometimes one may find T5 fixtures that were designed to replace HID High Bays. They can easily be replaced with LED High Bays or retrofitted with a retrofit kit.

Fluorescent Troffers: Fluorescent troffers are typically found in grid type ceilings, and they typically contains 2 to 4 fluorescent tubes. They can be found in the general areas, hallways, cells or office areas of the prison. Most tubes are either T8, T10 or T12, although some newer T5 tubes could be in play at some facilities. There are two distinct options that are available, replace the fixture or replace the tubes. The tube option tends to be more economical, and with the advent of plug and play led tubes, converting over to LED is as simple as removing the old fluorescent tube and replacing it with the LED tube.

Vapor Proof Linear Fixtures: These fixtures appear in hallways and stairwells, and are long linear fixtures typically contains fluorescent tubes. They are sometimes called vandal proof fixtures, because their lenses are somewhat indestructible. In the world of LED, there are similar type fixture, called LED Vapor Tight, that allows for great general lighting and is also available with a vandal proof lens

Canopy Lights: Canopy lights can be found in hallways, stairwells, loading docks and parking garages of the prison area. They tend to be smaller in size, square and round, and can hold up to a 400W Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium bulb. Our LED Solution is two fold, retrofit or new Canopy LED Lights. You would want to consider replacing the fixture if your existing fixtures are old, rusted or have yellowed lenses. Canopy lights can be fitted with motion sensors and photocells.

Jelly Jar Lights: Jelly Jar lights are found in tight location, stair wells or industrial areas of the correctional facility. They tend to be small, and contain small wattage bulbs. It is best to replace these fixtures with LED Engineered Jelly Jar fixtures, as they are designed and tested for the confines of a small sealed fixture. The LED Jelly Jars products we feature our backed with a 10 year warranty.

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