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Interested in Writing For MyLEDLightingGuide?

We welcome all industry professionals and those who are interested in writing about the following topics to come write for us:

  • Commercial and industrial LED lighting
  • Energy conservation for businesses / facilities
  • Technical resources and guides about LED
  • And anything else in-between or related..

How long does the content need to be?

Typically we require a minimum of about 600 words. There is not a maximum limit of words as long as you provide useful content and do not write “fluff.”

Can I link out to any external sites?

Of course you can! But all we ask is that they are highly relevant and only add extra value to our readers.

Can I submit already published content?

We will not post content that has already been published on the web before. If it does not pass a test through copyscape we will not publish it. Please keep it original to our site, and you are not allowed to post the content anywhere else on the web after it has gone live on our website without our permission.


If you still have questions of would like to submit your guest post ideas to us, email: [email protected] or [email protected]