Depending on the size of the warehouse we are discussing; the energy costs related to the lighting withing and even outside the warehouse can vary. But no matter what size, shape, or capacity a warehouse operation runs out of they all have one thing in common and that’s lighting expenses.

This is a common struggle for facility managers: trying to save money with the money that they have. And upgrading or investing in a new lighting system although can save money and produce a positive ROI overtime; can cause troubles considering it costs money upfront.

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WhitePaper_luminaires_highbay-myledlightingguideWhat is a High Bay? In the world of lighting, it is a fixture that you may find in a warehouse, a factory, a gym, an airport hangar or any large open area industrial and commercial space with relatively high ceilings. Drive by any industrial park, warehouse, or factory, and walk inside and what you will see is a high bay light.

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Warehouse Light







Product High Lights

  • 90W, 120W, 150W and 180W
  • 115 lumens/watt efficacy
  • 70+ CRI, 5000K
  • DLC Listed, UL Listed
  • Replaces 400W Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium and other HID
  • Can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Special optics packages specifically designed to maximize lighting in warehouse aisles
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Great for high ceiling spaces


This LED Warehouse Aisle High Bay is a true champion of placing the light exactly where it is needed. 3 different optic packages are available to allow for different mounting heights and aisle configurations. Motion Sensors can be added to either turn off or dim the light to a specific amount to save even more energy. Wireless controls based on Zigbee and DALI protocols can be added so that you can control these lights from your computer. Multiple mounting options available to meet your specific requirements. 0-10V dimmable as well.

120 degree lens options makes this high bay a great option for your open space areas as well. So if you have a warehouse that has a combination of open space as well as aisle racks, then one format can serve all your needs.

To view this product and see our family of High Bay LED products and systems, visit us at

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Retrofit vs Replacing a Light Fixture: Infographic

Retrofitting vs Replacing: Infographic

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At some point, someone had to find a solution for illuminating high ceiling spaces like warehouses, gyms, assembly areas, hangars or food processing plants and high bays seemed to be the solution. Entrepreneurs quickly adopted the HID bulbs and thought they have found the best solution but they were far from it. We know information means power, but in this case information means major cost cuts.

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