4 Best Warehouse Lighting Fixtures in 2017

2017 is here, technology is improving, and we’ve decided to put together of our 4 best warehouse lighting fixtures that we have here on MyLEDLightingGuide. This is not a comparative list, but rather a list of our best lighting technologies for warehouses that is up to date and current for the year 2017.

Although all the lights on this list might not apply to you, surely there will be a few on this list that apply to your needs (e.g warehouse aisle lighting). As we go through the list, keep in mind that these are all currently available and can be inquired about by contacting a lighting professional here.


Now, here are the 4 top LED warehouse lights that we have available this year:



LED High Bay Retrofit Kits

In warehouses, replacing old and outdated fixtures entirely can be a pain. Our easy to install LED high bay retrofits make it easy to replace metal halide warehouse bulbs with LED without the costs or hassle that comes with an entire fixture replacement. This is a highly popular option when warehouses look to LED to bring savings in their warehouse or factory.

Since there are so many options of these fixtures, click here to explore all of our LED high bay retrofit options.




Linear LED Warehouse Aisle Fixture


Like we briefly mentioned in the introduction, our LED aisle lights are a great fit for warehouses or even factories that have various aisles of storage and shelving. They are also a great option for narrow ways within these types of industrial places. Click here to learn about aisle warehouse lights.





Full Fixture LED High Bay Replacement


Maybe you are in need of entirely new fixtures, not just a retrofit kit. Our extensive listings of LED high bay fixtures gives you a great option to fully replace existing fixtures or even an entire lighting redesign. Click here to discover all of our LED high bay replacement fixtures.







Explosion Proof LED Lighting


If you are in an industry which requires explosion proof lighting, our high and low powered options are great to fit in warehouses (factories more often). You have the required explosion proof light that you need with the benefits of LED technology which is going to save you money. Click here to discover all of our explosion proof LED options.








Whether you need aisle lights, retrofits, explosion proofs, entirely new fixtures, or even a mix of all of the above; this extensive list will surely cover all areas of your lighting needs in your warehouse, factory, or other related industrial applications.


If you are interested in anything you’ve seen on this list, learn more about LED warehouse lighting options here.

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