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 The Advantages

We have found there are three main reasons why cities, municipalities, towns, businesses and corporations are converting over from traditional Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium to LED for:

  • Reduced utility bills - with an effective energy reduction of up to 80% over HID Lighting
  • Lower maintenance cost - Some of our Street LED Lights are rated for 100,000 hours of operational life.
  • Durability in extreme conditions - they are not affected by vibration or other extreme conditions

Made in the USA

We have Made in the USA LED Street Lights that are UL Listed and ARRA Compliant. This means our LED Street Light complies with Made in America Guidelines. With over 70% content and assembly completed right here in the USA, these LED street lights are backed with a 5 year warranty and are rated for over 100,000 hours. Look for the USA flag in the product details as an indicator of USA Made product.

New or Retrofit Options

We can provide new LED Cobra Heads or retrofit HID Street Lights. Our retrofit units can be adapted to your existing street lights. On HID street lights 400W and lower, it is no more difficult to convert to LED than it is to do a simple HID bulb and ballast replacement. 100-277V and 347-480V power supplies are available. Call us for details.

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Street Light Pattern Distribution

LED Street lights are typically designed as a series of five light distribution patterns. Each pattern has been designed to meet a specific need.

  • Type 1: for narrow walkways / bike paths
  • Type 2: for wider walkways, bike paths, entrances to roadways and other long, narrow lighting areas
  • Type 3: for roadways and general parking areas.
  • Type 4: for wall mounting applications and for illuminating the perimeter of parking areas.
  • Type 5: for general parking and area lighting applications

Street Light Distribution Patterns

The truth about Lumens - Metal Halide / HPS vs LED

How is that an LED Street Light with less lumens than a HID bulb can produce the same amount of light? To understand why, you need to know a little about lumens. Lumens measurement is typically a photopic measurement, which is essentially the amount of lumens an optical device reads. Another lumens measurement, scotopic lumens, is a measurement of light that humans detect. To calculate scotopic lumens, researches have classified numerous different types of light sources and given them a multiplicative factor based on the quality of light they produce. In the case of lighting typically found in street lights, HPS (High Pressure Sodium) is given a low number because the quality of light it produces is rather poor. The second typical light source, MH (Metal Halide) is better than HPS, but it also is not an extremely good light source. LED is a very high quality light source, and therefore it is given a very high multiplication factor, making the lumens that it produces the highest quality of the three light sources. Therefore, LED's have to produce far less photopic lumens than other light sources to produce the same amount of useable light. So the proper way to think about this is quality of light, not quantity of light. What good is a 65000 lumens HPS bulb that can't produce enough quality light to read a newspaper underneath it?

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But there's more. Most HID bulbs are advertised with their initial lumens figure. Initial lumen values are typically good for a few months, but then the bulbs degrade and produce less lumens. By the time the bulb is a year or two old, it is producing a lot less light than it did when it was brand new. LED's do degrade, but at a MUCH slower rate than the HID bulbs they are meant to replace. In fact, our Made in the USA LED Street Lights have software on board that monitors lumen output and adjusts levels to maintain lumen output for as long as possible.

LED Street Lights
LED Street Lights in Italy
LED Street Lights
LED Street Lights in Italy


Product Comparison
ModelWattsCRILumensReplacesHoursVoltageWarrantyUSAULETLCSADLCEligible For RebatesEnergy Star
USA Made LED Cobra Head 230-150> 803,840-19,200up to 600W HID100,000100-277 VAC10    
LED Cobra Head 35W-230W35-230> 703,675 - 24,135up to 800W HID100,000100-277 VAC | 12-24 VDC5     
USA Made LED Cobra Head30-180> 803,840-23-040up to 600W HID100,000100-277 VAC10     
Modular LED Street Light - Cobra Head30-300>702,634-25,940up to 800W HID100,000 (L70)100-277 VAC5     
Best Value LED Cobra Street Light49-80> 804,468 - 7,63675W-250W75.000 +100-277 VAC10     
Best Value LED Cobra Street Light - 2COB100-120> 809,500-10.800250-400W75.000 +100-277 VAC10     
LED Street Light - Low Wattage22-67>701,800-5,400up to 175W HID50,000 (L70)100-277 VAC5      
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