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New Fixture Or Retrofit?

Did you know you can retrofit your existing Metal Halide or HPS Low Bay Lights? We have kits that can replace 150W to 1000+ Watts. Retrofitting consists of removing the old HID ballast and bulb and replacing it with our LED Engine Kit and drivers.

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 LED Low Bay Lights - LED Canopy Lights

LED Low Bay Lights, also known as LED Garage Lighters, are typically used in situations where the ceiling heights are less than 20 feet. Typical Metal Halide and HPS Lights in this category range from 50-400W. We have many LED options, from 48 to 100W, that are perfect for replacing power hungry HID Lighting.

USA Made - ARRA Compliant - Eligible for Utility Rebates

 We have several LED Canopy Lights that are USA Made, ARRA Compliant. These lights are desgned to replace from 50W to 850W HID canopy lights. Rated at over 140 lumens per watt, these lights will dramatically reduce your energy consumption. And since they are eligible for rebates, these lights are more pratical and economical than ever.

 Five reasons to convert to Low Bay LED Lighting / Low Bay Lights

1. Reduce your energy consumption. LED Low Bay Lights use about 25% of the energy a HID Low Bay Light consumes. That's an instant 75% savings that will be instantly reflected on your utility bill.

2. Reduce Maintenance Costs. With LED Low Bay Lights lasting 100,000+ hours, you will not be spending time replacing bulbs or ballasts.

3. Durability in Extreme Conditions. Processes that create vibration and other factors that cause premature failure of HID Lights does not affect LED Low Bay Lighting.

4. Be Green. LED Low Bay Light are RoHS Compliant, which means they do not contain mercury or other harsh chemicals nor were their harsh chemicals used in the manufacturing of this product.

5. Better Quality Light. LED's produce a superior quality light than Metal Halide and HPS Lighting. This means it takes less lumens from Low Bay Lighting to produce visible light that people detect. Items and objects look brighter, clearer and un-colored. Also, since LED is directional lighting, you can place the light where it is needed. In summary, better quality light where you need it.

LED Low Bay Garage Lighter

LED Low Bay Garage Lighter


Product Comparison
Model Watts CRI Lumens Replaces Life Hours Voltage Warranty USA UL cUL ETL cETL CSA TUV DLC Eligible for Rebates EnergyStar
LED High Bay Wash Down - IP65 100-200 73 11,000-22,000 250-400W HID 100,000 100-277 5
LED Linear HighBay 120-300 > 80 15360-38400 up to 1000W HID 100,000 100-277 VAC 10
LED Linear HighPerformance HighBay 120-300 > 80 15360-38400 up to 1000W HID 100,000 100-277 VAC 10
LED Low Profile High Bay 60W-341W 75 6,467-39,480 175W-750W HID up to 200,000 100-277 5
LED High Bay Low Profile Aisle Lighter 60W-341W 75 5,945-36,290 175W-750W HID up to 200,000 100-277 5
LED High Bay Wash Down 120-242 70 11,400-22,300 250-400W HID 100,000 100-277 5
LED Canopy Light - Modular 40-200 70 4160-17800 100W-450W HID 70,000 100-277 5
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