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Ports, DOTs and sports facilities are converting over to LED sports lights. The many advantages of low power consumption, long service life, low maintenance requirements, excellent light levels and light uniformity make them the ideal choice when converting over from HID lights.

Excellent Light Quality

Modern sports require bright yet uniform lights. Digital image capture systems perform best under bright and uniform light conditions. LED sports lights easily produce an illumination of over 300 Lux against a requirement of 250 Lux for good visual perception (minimum illumination level for the certification of a typical sports arena).

 Advantages over HID Lights

  1. Long life span – 10 + years of life.
  2. Low maintenance – LEDs drastically cut down on the maintenance requirements of lights. Typical HID Lights require several bulb and ballast replacements over the same life of a LED High Mast Light.
  3. Quick ROI – LED fixtures reduce energy consumption from 50-80% . Lower operating costs and almost zero maintenance and replacement costs are sufficient to deliver short ROI's (depending on cost of electricity and actual use).
  4. Vibration resistant solid state lights - LED lights do not have filaments and by their very nature are resistant to shock and vibrations.
  5. No humming, no flickering – unlike fluorescent light alternatives to high intensity discharge lights, LEDs do not hum or flicker. Flickering light sources are common sources of eye strain and head aches
  6. No ultra violet light and small infrared signature. They produce 80% lesser heat than competing technologies. Lower heat translates to greater visibility with higher quality of light


UL and ETL Listed lights, DLC Listed

Our LED fixtures are UL and ETL listed, and some are manufactured and assembled in the USA. These lights are fully compliant with ARRA “Buy American” requirements. Further, they are DesignLights Consortium Listed and eligible for rebates (rebates vary by utility company)

 Lighting for Hockey Rinks and Basketball Arenas

 MyLEDLightingGuide can help you choose the right LED Light for Hockey Rinks and Indoor soccer stadiums. We are able to produce photometric designs that allow us to determine the foot candles available before any light is purchased.

Product Comparison
ModelWattsCRILumensReplacesHoursVoltageWarrantyUSAULETLCSADLCEligible For RebatesEnergy Star
LED HighMast Light 300W-900W300 | 400 | 600 |900> 7534500 | 52000 | 69000 | 103500up to 1500W+ HID75,000 +100-277 | 4805    
23" LED Flood/Shoebox140-450> 8017,920-57,600up to 1000W HID100,000100-277 VAC10    
LED Sports Light High Mast240-45080 +30,480-57,150up to 1500W HID100,000100-277 | 480 VAC Option10     
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