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  1. We can replace 70 to 125W HPS and Metal Halide Bulbs in small  Fixtures.
  2. Internal driver.
  3. 7W, 10W and 15W models available.
  4. 3 year warranty available.



LED Corn Lights are aptly named as the lights themselves look similar to a cob of corn. These lights are very universal and durable, and are perfect for many industrial applications as well as a good replacement for all types of incandescent, halogen or HID fixtures.

LED Corn bulbs can be used in so many applications. Indoors, they can replace incandescent and CFL lighting in canned lights, wall sconces, pendants, lamps. They are an excellent 360 degree general use light. Outdoors, they can be used in post tops, wall packs, as garage lights, or any small powered HID or Halogen fixture. Self ballasted, retro fitting existing fixtures is easy. Remove the existing HID ballast and bulb, wire the socket to your line source (110-277V) and screw in the corn cob bulb.


Converting Small Metal Halide Bulbs to LED Corn Bulbs

Available in 7W, 10W and 15W. Some of the bulbs are designed with lights at the top of the fixture so that light is not only distributed in a true 360 degrees, but upwards (or downwards) as well.


Larger wattages are available, please see our LED Post Tops for higher output bulbs.

The LED Corn Lighting  you find in our catalog are all UL Pending and are backed by a 3 year OEM warranty. They are designed for 50,000 hours of life. This means that if you use these lights 12 hours a day, you will get over 11 years of use out of these corn cobs.



Product Comparison
ModelWattsCRILumensReplacesHoursVoltageWarrantyUSAULETLCSADLCEligible For RebatesEnergy Star
LED Bollard20-25> 751600-2000up to 125W incandescent70,000120-2775      
LED Corn Cob8W | 12W | 15W> 83800 | 1200 | 1500up to 150W Incandescent 50,000100-277 VAC3      
LED Corn Cob Bulb 10W10> 75900100W Incandescent50,00085-277 VAC3       
LED Corn Cob Bulb 15W15> 751400120W Incandescent50,00085-277 VAC3       
LED Corn Cob Bulb 7W7> 7570070W Incandescent50,00085-277 VAC3       
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