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General Led Info
* The True Cost of LED Lighting
* Save money on your utility bill
* The Death of the Light Bulb
* Why is my electricity bill so high?
* Busting Electricity Myths
* Demystifying Lighting Jargon - Color Rendering Index
* Tackling Light Pollution with Outdoor Lights
* Pupil Lumens and their impact on the choice of lighting
* Understanding Color Temperature
* LED versus Traditional Lamps: A fight between unequals
* What is an LED?
* The 2007 Energy Bill – Setting the Record Straight
* What is the different between ETL and UL Listing?
* US Made Commercial LED lighting products
* LED Life Cycle - Influences
* IP Rating – Definition
Going Green
* Reduce your energy bill using Energy Saving Lights
* How to Reduce your Carbon Footprint
* Understanding Alternative Energy
* Save Money with Energy Efficient Lighting
* Going Green I – Light, Food and Beverage Choices
* Why should schools be interested in reducing their energy consumption?
* LED's Role In Slashing Your Electricity Bill
Induction Lights
* What is induction lighting?
LED Street Lights
* Making Sense of Street Lights
* The True Cost of Street Lights
* The Complete Guide to LED Street Lights – Part I
* The Complete Guide to LED Street Lights – Part II
LED Tube Lights
* The Complete Guide to LED Tube Lights
* LED Tube Lights I - Why LED tubes are a good replacement for fluorescents
* LED Tube Lights II – Mercury from Recycled Fluorescent Tubes
Grow Lights
* Facts about Grow Lights
* The Need for Indoor Gardening
LED Par Lights
* Understanding PAR Lights
LED Sport Lights
* High Quality USA LED Sports Lights
LED Lights for Business
* Lighting for your Farm and Ranch
* A Safer, Brighter, Better Home
* Lighting Strategies for Retail Stores
* Lighting for Commercial Companies – Sound Financial Sense and CSR
* The best lighting choice for hospitals
* Energy Efficient lights for Warehouse Applications
* Guide to Reducing Office Energy Expenditures
CFL's and Flourescent Lights
* LED vs CFL – An Exhaustive Comparison
* Settling the Mercury Emission Debate
LED White Papers
* Better work environment with Led lights
* LED Lights and Green Branding
* Vibration Resistant LED Lights
* Better Vision With LED Lights
* Lower Maintenance with LED Lights
* Optical Safety with LED Lights

What is the different between ETL and UL Listing?


Some of the LED Lights on MyLEDLightingGuide are ETL Listed. Others are UL Listed. What's the difference?  Both testing companies are based here in the USA and are regulated by federal government. Both testing facilties are internationally recognized world-class operations. And most LED manufacturers submit their products to one or both of the testing facilities so that they can proudly display the certification associated with a successfully tested product. Click here to get a detailed explanation of the difference from Interteck, the facility responsible for ETL testing.

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