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Retrofit Guide
** What's New **
  • Replace 70-1500W Metal Halide and HPS Lighting in your existing fixtures.
  • LED High Bays - USA Made ARRA Compliant - replace 150-1500W HID
  • Replacing 1000W Metal Halide with LED High Bays. More Light and over 50% Savings!
  • LED Flood and Area Lighitng - replace 100-1500W HID
  • LED Street Lights - USA Made with low paybacks

Commercial and Industrial LED Lighting

Commercial Grade LED Lights are the high efficiency, Eco friendly solution to help you save money on your utility bill, reduce your maintenance costs, and reduce your carbon footprint.


LEDs use a fraction of the energy used by HID, fluorescent, halogen and incandescent bulbs. Typical savings are 50% or more. If you live in a warm climate and use air conditioning - every watt you save by using LED light saves another watt of energy savings in lower HVAC loads. An with run times 50,000, 100,000 hours or more, faciltiy managers will recover valuable time and cost my dramatically reducing their lighting maintenance costs. Given their low power consumption, LED lighting are an absolute must for people living or planning to live off grid, or a must for companies who are looking to save money that directly affects the corporate bottom line.


Why LED? No Mercury, no flickering, instant on and no UV or IR spectrums; all benefits of this technology. We believe that this signals the death of the common incandescent light bulb, with fluorescent and HID lighting soon to follow. LEDs help the planet breath easier, as every incandescent or HID bulb replaced with LEDs means less coal burned to produce electricity, reduced greenhouse gas emission, less mercury pollution and less solid waste to be disposed off in landfills.

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